About Us

About Us

NuEthix is a company built upon 4 pillars (HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY AND TRUTH) focused on unifying health AND performance goals. Stephaney (of Natty Nutrition), Jason (of Scooby Prep) and Vince (of Nutrition Dynamic) saw a huge gap in the supplement industry: most supplements were aimed at EITHER bettering one’s health OR helping to enhance physique and performance goals. So these health & nutrition coaches teamed up to bring top of the line supplementation to help people reach their physique and performance goals while ALSO improving their overall health and wellness. Here are a few things that make us different:

  • We don’t use proprietary blends in our formulas
  • We want you, the consumer, to know exactly what you are ingesting and how much
  • We make certificates of analysis available on our website so you can trust that what we say is in the bottle IS, in fact, in the bottle
  • We are committed to being personally available to help consumers or potential consumers

Please learn more about each of our owners below.

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Jason Theobald, J.D., AFPA is a sought after nutritionist/trainer in the world of physique sports. He works closely with athletes at all levels from those wanting to shed body fat for the beach, natural physique competitors, power-lifters and IFBB pros. Jason operates www.scoobyprep.com and has 10 years experience helping bodybuilders get into peak conditioning for the stage.

Jason is also a competitor himself with REAL world in the trenches experience at all levels of the NPC since 2002.  Jason hasn’t lost a bodybuilding NPC class since 2007 spanning 15 plus shows and 4 classes, bantamweight, lightweight, welterweight and middleweight. Recently, Jason found his niche’ with the creation of Classic Physique, winning the Overall at the NPC Indianapolis on his way to an Overall win at Masters Nationals in the over 35 class earning him his IFBB PRO status.

Jason is a regular guest speaker on multiple podcasts, he was a guest speaker at the 2016 Physique Summit on the Q&A panel and will be a featured speaker at the 2017 Physique Summit lending his expertise to all things related to training, nutrition, supplementation, and other various topics in the industry. He has experience formulating supplements since 2008 when he brought out his first product under his wife’s company Natty Nutrition.

Vince has spent over a decade in the deep science of supplementation and nutrition in all areas of medicine, sports, and weight loss.  Understanding the manufacturing and distribution of supplementation and therapeutic nutritional science came as an award winning Functional Medicine Consultant for Metagenics INC .  He has worked with top doctors in the field of nutritional therapies and athletic performance for over 8 yrs.  Learning the details of the supplement industry, quality control, and how that affects outcomes to the patient or athlete is something little understood in the performance supplement industry, yet this is where Vince excels.

From physicians clinics to sports arenas Vince has worked closely with patients and athletes first hand, which led to his opening of Nutrition Dynamic in 2012.  A full spectrum facility with multiple locations over Ohio and Kentucky that provide nutritional health programs, health care practioners, and athletic coaches working closely together to bring the best of health and nutritional programming to the public.

Vince understands performance nutrition himself as he competed in NPC at the national level for over 2 yrs.  He now is a coach with his own team of athletes (Team:Alpha) which represents athletes in MMA, Cycling, Wrestling, NPC, IFBB, and many more.

Stephaney is an AFPA Certified Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer as well as a former National level NPC athlete (competing in both Figure and Women’s Physique). She has been helping clients with their fitness goals since 2007. She works with first time competitors and general nutrition clients, but often her people stay with her many years, so she takes them through all levels of competition.

Stephaney has been running Natty Nutrition since 2008. Not only does Stephaney give her clients meticulous attention to their fitness goals, but she also handles all the back-end aspects of the business including finances, technology, inventory and accounting.  In a prior life Stephaney managed multi million dollar projects for General Electric in their IT Department.  She also has an Engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Natty Nutrition has been formulating products since 2009 and Stephaney handles those products from start to finish working directly with manufacturers on formula, label design and ordering. So she is well positioned to act as both CEO and CFO to NuEthix Formulations with an in depth understanding of the business on all levels.


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