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      NuEthix FAQs


      What if i want to use a product, but am not exactly sure the best way for me to take it?

      What’s the difference between Cort-Eaze and Estro-Cort?

      Should I take Estro-Cort if on birth control?

      Can I take Cort-Eaze and Adrena-Health at the same time?

      What’s the difference between Cort-Eaze and Relax Liposomal?

      Can I take Relax Liposomal during the day too?

      When should I take GDA-MAX?

      Do I have to be diagnosed as hypo-thyroid to take Thyro-Boost?

      Can I take Thyro-Boost if I take thyroid medication? Or if my thyroid was removed?

      Will Essential Energy ruin my KETO diet?

      Does Flora-Protect need to stay cold?

      What are your shipping terms & conditions?

      What is your refund and returns policy?