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      News — Athlete

      Our Newest Sponsored Athlete

      Quinn Rivera | Nuethix Formulations Supplements
      We’d like to announce and welcome our newest sponsored athlete, Quinn Rivera! You may recognize Quinn from the recent NBC television competition called Titan Games (with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). Quinn captured our attention on the show and has since captured our hearts in getting to know him more. Not only is he a fantastic athlete, but he’s got intelligence, drive and a true PASSION for helping others.

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      Why I Am Proud to Promote NuEthix

      Why I Am Proud to Promote NuEthix | NuEthix Formulations | Focused On Unifying Health and Performance Goals

      I have been competing for 14 years, and never, during that time have I ever been comfortable attaching my name to a supplement line. That was until I tried Nuethix. For me, I always struggled to get behind a supplement company or line of products for a variety of reasons...

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