RELAX Liposomal Subscription

  • Supports proper sleep cycles and circadian rhythms
  • Supports relaxation and calmness
  • Supports immune function

With a healthy, rejuvenating night’s sleep you can wake up renewed, well rested and ready to tackle another day. RELAX Liposomal supplementation is recommended to support the time it takes you to fall asleep and to support healthy sleep-wake cycles.*

Our Guarantee

We keep a close eye on all aspects of the manufacturing process as well as the therapeutic outcomes at the consumer level.

From testing each ingredient at the raw level to having third party publicized testing after manufacturing and keeping tabs on customer feedback and lab work (through our network of health coaches) we ensure every product contains and does what is says.

You can enter your product name and/or enter your lot number found on your bottle in our search bar at the top and you can find your assay results showing that what is on your label is in your bottle.

The seal of quality is our guarantee that what is on the label is in fact in the bottle. We also guarantee our products raw materials are tested before they enter the facility, 1 of 5 only drug free manufactures in the nation, for microbes, drugs, heavy metals and label claims.

Certificate of Analysis
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what's inside?

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Natural Berry Flavor, Olive Oil, Stevia Leaf Extract, and Potassium Sorbate.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

usage recommendation

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before each use. Take 1–2 droppers before bed. For relaxation before a stressful event, take ½–1 dropper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Relax taste different than it used to?
We've taken out the NAC, which is the only difference, but it did change the taste a little. NAC was not an important ingredient and it was banned by Amazon so in order to continue having it available on Amazon we had to remove the NAC. Though in general taste may vary slightly lot to lot just due to the sourcing of the natural ingredients we use. That is one of the drawbacks of using all natural ingredients because things can vary - as opposed to creating something in a lab that can be 100% controlled. We do taste test every lot though to ensure it's still palatable and as close to the existing flavor as possible.
Why does the liquid color change?
QC did some isolated testing on the other ingredients to make sure none of them were affecting the taste. What they found is that alone, the glycerin and the sunflower lecithin produce a slight tingling sensation on the tongue. Together, it is a bit more pronounced.
Will this make me tired?
RELAX is meant to help reduce cortisol and supports calmness so you can achieve a healthy sleep cycle.

See why Kayli S. loves RELAX Liposomal Subscription!

This product is wonderful!! It was recommended to me by my health coach because Ive been having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and I don’t feel like my body has been falling into that deep REM state so I’ve been pretty sleep & genuine rest deprived. I tried two full droppers of this last night, and contrary to some of the other reviews I think it tastes really nice, it’s pretty sweet and flower-y. And it worked wonders, started working within 10 minutes, fell asleep instantly, got great rest.