NuEthix Athlete Announcement: Larry Wilson

NuEthix Athlete Announcement: Larry Wilson

NuEthix Athlete Announcement: Larry Wilson

NuEthix Formulations is thrilled to introduce our newest sponsored athlete, Larry Wilson, a name that's rapidly becoming synonymous with excellence in the health and fitness realm. Larry, a seasoned health and fitness coach with Scooby Health, embodies the dedication, expertise, and integrity we value deeply at NuEthix. Hailing from the vibrant Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, Larry's multifaceted career spans competitive bodybuilding and a noteworthy position in real estate, highlighting his diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to his passions.

Beyond his professional achievements, Larry's educational background is equally impressive. A proud graduate of the University of Cincinnati, he not only excelled academically, securing a double major in marketing and real estate but also demonstrated remarkable athleticism as a member of the university's cheerleading team. His collegiate experience was further enriched by his active involvement in the Sigma Chi fraternity, a testament to his leadership skills and community spirit.


Larry's journey into the world of health and fitness is driven by a sincere desire to make a meaningful impact. His affiliation with NuEthix Formulations is not just a partnership but a shared mission to offer high-quality, trusted supplements to those aiming to enhance their physical and mental well-being. Larry's dedication to his clients and his ability to integrate his expertise in health coaching with our product range sets him apart as a true ambassador for the NuEthix brand.

What sets Larry Wilson apart is his holistic approach to fitness and health. As an active member of his men's group organization, he exemplifies the balance between physical strength and mental resilience. His work in real estate, alongside his coaching endeavors, showcases his ability to juggle multiple responsibilities while maintaining peak physical condition. It's this blend of professionalism, dedication, and genuine care for others that makes Larry an invaluable addition to the NuEthix family.

We are beyond excited to have Larry Wilson on board as a sponsored athlete. His passion for fitness, combined with his professional achievements and community involvement, align perfectly with our core values at NuEthix Formulations. Together, we are committed to supporting our community in achieving their health and fitness goals, ensuring they have access to the best supplements the industry has to offer. Welcome, Larry, to a journey of mutual growth, impact, and success.

Sponsored Athlete | Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson

Larry is a health & fitness coach with Scooby Health while also being a competitive bodybuilder. He is a college graduate with a double major in marketing/real estate and also partakes in college athletics as a member of the University of Cincinnati cheer team.

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