NuEthix Athlete Announcement: Samantha Houle

NuEthix Athlete Announcement: Samantha Houle

NuEthix Athlete Announcement: Samantha Houle

We are excited to announce the newest member of our NuEthix Formulations family with the recent signing of, Samantha Houle! Originally catching her big break in the NPC bikini league, Samantha has established herself as a professional competitor within the bodybuilding community and earned her IFBB Pro Card in 2020.

Sammy received her Bachelors of Athletic Training at UW-Eau Claire prior to her official start as a fitness competitor back in 2015. The true dedication Sammy shows when it comes to creating a healthier body led her to become a certified personal trainer through her completion of the NASM course.

It was in 2021, that Samantha started to experience many health issues that greatly impacted her daily life. Enter fitness guru, Jason Theobald. The NuEthix Lead Formulator took Samantha on as a client and worked on getting her health back to normal with the incorporation of NuEthix Formulations supplements and many more lifestyle changes.

With her health starting to improve, Samantha became very passionate about working with NuEthix and spreading information to others about the products that helped her get back to optimal levels. As a coach with Fitbody Fusion, she helps train many clients that range from those seeking help in fitness competitions, lifestyle changes, and overall transformative health.

Samantha was able to use the knowledge she gained from Jason's Functional Mentorship Program and relay that to clients who are also in a similar situation she was once in prior to seeking help from NuEthix Formulations.

Sponsored Athlete | Samantha Houle

Samantha Houle

Sammy got her Bachelors of Athletic Training at UW-Eau Claire in 2015. She started competing in the NPC bikini league in 2016 where she then got her NASM personal training certification. She has been coaching women since 2017.

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