NuEthix Sponsored Athlete, Cristi Miranda.

Sponsored Athlete - Cristi Miranda

Sponsored Athlete - Cristi Miranda

Sponsored Athlete - Cristi Miranda


We’d like to announce and welcome our newest sponsored athlete, Cristi Miranda! 


After moving to the US from Puerto Rico at only 17, Cristi has always fought hard for her American dream. From becoming a mom to starting her own business, her drive and passion has pushed her to continue pursuing her goals.

After being involved in a terrible car accident, Cristi embarked on her own fitness journey that has led her to heal and feel her strongest mentally and physically that she has ever felt. With the help of her coach she was able to not only recover but to tackle her personal goals. The support from her coach and determination to conquer her fears brought her to enter her first bikini competition 5 years ago and she hasn't looked back since. Between countless bikini and fitness competitions each victory has brought more gratitude for her journey and the hard work that has gone into getting her to where she is now. 

As the new Miss WBFF Bikini World 2021 35+ Champion and the first Puerto Rican WBFF Miss Bikini Champion, Cristi is motivated to share her passion for fitness and its power to transform lives with others. Through her coaching, she is able to connect with people all around the world to help them feel and look their best with freedom and flexibility. She hopes to inspire others to never give up and challenge yourself to be the best version you can be.


Instagram: @cristi_miranda

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