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      Blog — IFBB

      Ashlyn Little - NuEthix Athlete Spotlight

      Ashlyn Little - NuEthix Athlete

      NuEthix welcomes Ashlyn Little as our newest sponsored athlete!

      NASM Certified Personal Trainer
      NASM Certified FNS Fitness Nutrition Specialist
      IFBB Bikini Pro Olympian
      FitBodyFusion Competition, Lifestyle and Posing Coach

      Ashlyn has always been into fitness her whole life. Was a cheerleader through high school and college and stopped to pursue a career in the dental field. She couldn’t get away from the fitness and nutrition life so while she was in school she decided to compete in 2015. Fell in love with the process so much she decided to go another route with her career and focus on health and nutrition. Got her NASM certifications for personal training and as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and started her own business in 2018.

      Ashlyn Little NuEthix

      After receiving her pro card at Nationals 2018 she started coaching lifestyle athletes and her business grew quick. After a year and over 100 transformations she joined with FitbodyFusion as an athlete to compete for her pro debut in 2019 and soon after joined as a coach working full time so she could start training competitive athletes.

      She has been qualified for the Mr Olympia 3x since 2020 and has earned a top 10 spot at 8th place at the O. She has 3 pro wins under her belt and has coached many women to get their pro cards.

      NuEthix Athlete Ashlyn Little

      She has a passion for helping women see their true potential and loves to be an inspiration for women to follow and chase their dreams no matter how big!

      COACH💙 @fitbodyfusion
      PODCAST🎙 @bikinibabesshootingtheshit

      Follow Ashlyn on IG @ashlyn_ifbbpro