Tristan Winters: NuEthix Ambassador

Tristan Winters - NuEthix Ambassador Spotlight

Tristan Winters - NuEthix Ambassador Spotlight

Hey, I'm Tristan! I am 25 years old, from Knoxville Tennessee. I love cool sneakers, traveling, history and cold brew coffee..and believe it's superior to all types of coffee in every season of the year. Let me tell you about how I ended up here.

I had a different start getting into the nutrition coaching space after experiencing second hand the hardship my mother and those around me faced with nutrition, weight loss, personal development, and overall a plan that was properly designed for them to stick to and grow with to see the results in their everyday life.

Because of this, my passion in coaching lies in offering a style of coaching I not only wish I had growing up, but a style of coaching that those around me had growing up. The coach who starts with where you currently are and guides you to your goals in a way that makes your life more enjoyable and while going at a pace aligned with the client, not just the coach or the timeline of the program that's required.

Over the last 5 years, I have built a team who was dedicated to making a difference by showing the everyday average people that who they become in the pursuit of their goal, is more important than the goal itself. We have accomplished this by building a coaching experience for those who are fed up with the robotic macro coaches and templated diets that is known for its connection and individualization.

My goal as a coach and practitioner will continue to be about improving the lifestyles inside of my community through an individualized and connection based approach. From mastering the nutrition, and the training side of things, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to partner with such a great company to master the supplementation to ensure our clients are taken care of in the highest care possible.

What are my 3 favorite Nuethix products?



Gut Defender+


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