What Your Gym Playlist Says About You

What Your Gym Playlist Says About You

What Your Gym Playlist Says About You

Music – it’s the staple of our everyday lives. Whether it’s blasting your favorite songs on daily drives or tossing on some old-school throwbacks to boost your mood, it’s fair to say that music has significant importance. 

It’s the foundation of every excellent workout and can give you that extra push when you need a little hype for your intense training session. 

Maybe it’s Metallica that helps you with your PR on the bench, could be Taylor Swift pushing you on a grueling leg day – whatever the genre, there’s definitely a categorization on what can be said about you in the gym based on music selection. 

Music Hype

I know I’m not in the minority when I say that you could probably guess what’s playing in someone’s headphones just based on their actions in the gym. The gym fits can be a dead giveaway too, but we can discuss that another time.

So, what does your gym playlist say about you? Let’s break it down by genre and share some insight on if you match up to the description.


Gen Z

You probably have a pair of Nike Blazers, 5” inseam shorts, and drive a Jeep Wrangler with 25% APR. You’re most likely still on a perma-cut so you have an aesthetic physique to show off on social media. Odds are that you also say you love leg day but in actuality, you hate it with every fiber in your body. 

If your gym playlist consists of only rap, you probably have at least 2 or 3 gym partners and take up the bench for at least 20 minutes in between sets to check out the pump with your boys in the mirror. Granted, you’re definitely getting some solid looks for the shreds you’ve been working hard for.



Multiple scoops of pre-workout, an energy drink, and Adderall is the breakfast of choice for you. It’s more than likely that you spend most of your time deadlifting or squatting at the gym. The oversized Sublime shirt is the perfect pump cover for your incredible sleeper build.

The person who listens to EDM is always focused and keeps to themselves but when approached, they’re very outgoing due to their natural good vibes.

Heavy Metal

Hoodie Gym

A case can be made that you’re probably one of the strongest in the gym and also short-tempered. There’s a high chance that you typically come to the gym wearing a hoodie and a pair of chucks that still have chalk residue on the laces. You have the focus of a psychopath and aren’t leaving the gym until you’ve at least gotten to bench, squat, and deadlift at least once.

Personal records are of high value to you and it’s necessary to test your max strength levels at least three times a week.

Classic Rock

Classic Rock

You’re probably telling a group of high school kids that you used to be able to bench 405 back in the day and that you were “as strong as an ox” when you were in your prime. There’s no way you can complete your full workout on the bench without your gloves to prevent calluses and it is an absolute must to have your towel near you at all times to wipe the excessive sweat pouring down your head.

35 minutes is the maximum amount of time you’re able to spend at the gym because the old ball and chain will have dinner ready for you soon.


Pop Listener

Contrary to your music choice, you probably own an oversized Nirvana T-shirt that is a part of your go-to gym fit. Can you name one song by them? No – but hey, it’s trendy and you can take it off to show the sweet tank top you have underneath that’s about two sizes too small.

You try to stick to the machines and only touch free weights when absolutely necessary. Cardio is your time to shine, and the Stairmaster is always a must before you head out.


Country Gym

Gym attire is whatever you came to work in except you have a spare tank top at the ready so you can pair it with your wrangler jeans and work boots that look like they’ve been through hell. You don’t have a whole lot of time to be there, so you typically try to get in a few working sets of 135lbs on the smith machine bench before you call it a night.

You really don’t care what anyone thinks about you and there’s a high chance that you’re posting pictures onto your Snapchat story about “getting it in at the gym” more than you are actually lifting.

Old School Hip-Hop

Old School Hip-Hop

There’s no doubt about it, you’re a bodybuilder. Your wardrobe consists of more spandex than a teenage girl but it’s okay because it helps on leg day. You bring your prepped meals to the gym and you’re probably friends with the gym staff since you’re there for about 8 hours, so they let you use the microwave.

All eyes are on you while you workout but you’re not there to socialize. The most difficult part of your day is getting prepared for how many people are going to come up in the middle of a set to ask you, “How can I look like you one day?” – and they’re mostly going to be middle-aged men…

Surf Rock

Surf Rock

You typically pull up to the gym in a pair of Vans and you don’t socialize with anyone. Hypertrophy is your training of choice and while your physique might not show it, you’ve got incredible strength that everyone is enamored with. Instead of speaking to anyone, you prefer to focus on your masterfully curated playlist – switching between the same two Tame Impala albums while you rest.

Everyone considers you mysterious and is very interested in who you are but you’re in and out of the gym faster than the human eye can register.

No Music

Jason Bourne

It’s clear you’ve made your point when showing up to the gym with no headphones. You’ve either fallen victim to the atrocity that is forgetting them at home or you’ve for some reason made the choice to purposely not come to the gym with any music to workout with. If you’re the latter, you are not from this world.

You are a different species, possibly an alien or just downright insane. Either way, you are the one percent – the person you absolutely do not want to cross paths with. I’m shaking just thinking about this.

The Consensus

Now, before certain Karen's decide to go full-on attack mode – this is wholeheartedly a joke. Maybe… No, but seriously – this is all in good fun and it’s important to note that not everyone can be held to stereotypes that get created just by opinion-based narratives.

More importantly, everyone is entitled to do whatever they want and listen to whatever they want without judgment. If a certain music genre helps you make the most out of your workouts, then by all means – keep doing what you’re doing!

At the end of the day, music is essential and defines who we are in certain aspects. Having a kick-ass playlist for the gym is always great and it’s good to find songs that match how you’re feeling so you can keep dominating your workouts.

Author | Austin Perry

Austin Perry

Veteran fitness and health writer Austin Perry has accrued almost a decade worth of experience in sports nutrition and supplementation while having numerous featured articles published and shared within the wellness community.

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