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A Message from the CEO

A Message from the CEO

A Message from the CEO

Welcome to NuEthix Formulations! I’m very excited about the launch of our new supplement line and website. I’ve been in the fitness industry as a competitor for 15 years and as a coach for over 10 years: I became a professional fitness athlete in 2016 and have been helping many competitors turn pro since well before then.

My wife, Stephaney Theobald (of Natty Nutrition), and I (of ScoobyPrep) decided to team up with Vince Pitstick (of Nutrition Dynamic) to offer the best supplements with practical applications for your physique goal needs.

We aim to solve the issues we see our nutrition clients encountering on a daily basis while trying to transform their physiques into something they can be proud of. Our formulations will be unique and cutting edge but will provide you with value for your endeavors.

A few things you will notice:

  • We don’t use proprietary blends in our formulas. We want you, the consumer, to know what you are ingesting and how much.
  • We will make certificates of analysis available here on our website so you know that what we say is in the bottle is, in fact, in the bottle.
  • Finally, I am committed to being personally available to help consumers or potential consumers of our products. If you have a question about products or want to know the best product for you, you may email me directly jason@nuethix.com and I will help you set up the best stacks for your goals.

My Best in Health,

Jason M. Theobald, CEO
NuEthix Formulations

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