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Why I Am Proud to Promote NuEthix

Why I Am Proud to Promote NuEthix

Why I Am Proud to Promote Nuethix

I have been competing for 14 years, and never, during that time have I ever been comfortable attaching my name to a supplement line.

That was until I tried Nuethix.

For me, I always struggled to get behind a supplement company or line of products for a variety of reasons: I either didn’t use the products personally, didn’t like the ingredients or the combination of ingredients, didn’t feel the company produced products that would be useful to the clients I coach, didn’t feel the supplements offered good value for the money, and most importantly- didn’t feel the supplements actually DID what they claimed to do

After several weeks using Nuethix Formulations, I decided to apply to become affiliated with the brand,

because I loved the line- ALL of it- so much, that I knew I wanted to get involved.

I wasn’t looking for free product. While that’s great, I feel far too many athletes push product lines that are subpar simply because the company “hooks them up” with free supplements. And I also wasn’t looking to resell the product, as making money doing this wasn’t necessarily my aim either. What I DID want was the ability to attach my name to the product line and be able to confidently recommend it to my clients and offer a discount on doing so.

So, I am thrilled to say that I am officially affiliated with Nuethix Formulations, a line of supplements that I know works, firsthand.

A little bit about why I like the line as a whole:

1) The line is not comprised of yet another fat burner or a bunch of excessively stimulant based pre-workouts. The line is simple, small, yet potent and effective. It’s built on products that support the body’s ability to perform and recover, by strengthening the metabolism, hormones, and adrenals at the cellular level.

2) The line includes NO proprietary blends. Full disclosure of all ingredients AND the amount of each user is DIRECTLY on the label of each product.

3) The products are banned substance safe making them great for competing in natural drug tested federations.

4) The raw materials used in each supplement are tested at one of only five drug-free manufactures in the nation, for microbes, drugs, heavy metals, and label claims.

5) No artificial sweeteners OR colors (artificial colors are linked strongly to mood disorders and anxiety) and stevia ONLY!!

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