Feeling a little off? Your estrogen levels may be unbalanced.

Feeling a little off? Your estrogen levels may be unbalanced.

Feeling a little off? Your estrogen levels may be unbalanced.

The times when our bodies operate without us having to think about the inner operations are great, aren't they? Things move along, we feel good, and we can concentrate on everything else that makes up a normal day. Women's bodies are, of course, more complex than men's, reminding us on a regular basis that we're alive. We also know that the extra mechanics, mostly having to do with our ability to reproduce, can occasionally hit a bump that requires attention.

NuEthix can help with that, particularly when it comes to estrogen, the hormone that contributes so much to our concept of womanhood, including when the hormone is out of balance.

In addition to the work it does to regulate reproduction, estrogen also affects:

  • Cholesterol levels
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Bone and muscle mass
  • Circulation and blood flow
  • Collagen production and moisture in your skin
  • Brain function including the ability to focus

At the same time, too much estrogen in your body is associated with symptoms like decreased sex drive; weight gain, especially in your waist and hips; irregular periods (unpredictable timing, light or heavy flow); and worsening symptoms associated with PMS or PMDD.

A blogger at UrbanJane explains that she once thought exercise would cure all her ills, keeping her bones strong, her weight at the healthiest level and her mood elevated. She didn’t worry that all the running she did was causing her to miss her period for several months at a time. Now, she understands the value of balance.

 “Ovulation is what actually gives you all the health benefits that you're after,” she writes, adding, “Ovulation is the only way to also get the health benefits from the two most important female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. These are the real hormones, made in your body, not the synthetic ones that you get from the pill if you're taking it.”

Along with better bone density and healthy weight, the blogger says that with the right balance of estrogen - not too high or low:

“Your mood will also definitely improve once your hormones are balanced better. Better sleep and the end of unexplained headaches itself make your mood better, but for all these things to happen, you need a proper hormonal balance.”

If you think high estrogen levels are causing unwanted symptoms, you can try lifestyle changes such as:

  • Eating more flaxseed and cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and kale
  • Getting more omega-3 fatty acids in the diet or taking a supplement
  • Maintaining a moderate weight
  • Reducing stress
  • Limiting or stopping alcohol consumption
  • Avoiding xenoestrogens, such as BPA in plastics

The website SpotMeGirl points out that for body builders the proper estrogen balance reduces fatigue and muscle damage so that you can tolerate higher levels of volume during weight training (and high-intensity cardio too), without negative effects. Estrogen also helps to blunt pain during workouts. For NuEthix, an understanding of how estrogen works — and the value of balance — makes sense not just because women make up a large portion of our customers. Some work out for health and sport, and others seek supplements just for everyday health maintenance, including support to keep estrogen levels balanced. For us, estrogen balance leads to the healthy lifestyle that we hope we can help all of our customers achieve.

Here are NuEthix products that we use to promote estrogen health:

  • Estro-Cort may rid the body of excess estrogen and help you cope with the stresses of your daily left and intense training. You can use this product to help aid in the less of body fat in the tough-to-lose high estrogenic areas (like legs, glutes and hips). In addition to balancing hormones, Estro-Cort may reduce stress and anxiety and act as an anti-inflammatory. (If you are on birth control, please consult with your physician. If post-menopausal, low estrogen, or PCOS, consult a practitioner before use.)
  • Jumpstart EC is designed to enable the endocrine system to release proper level of hormones. The user benefits from balanced estrogens and progesterone, improved recovery and energy, as well as immunity. This product is great post-competition and post-dieting phases, and following stressful or traumatic events, If you are an athlete who uses stimulants and performance enhancers, Jumpstart EC will also rebalance your endocrine systems after competitions. (If you are on birth control, please consult with your physician. If post-menopausal, low estrogen, or PCOS, consult a practitioner before use).
  • Chasteberry Double Strength is a liquid herbal supplement formulated to provide support for estrogen and progesterone balance. It contains Chasteberry fruit extract, an ingredient that has been studied thoroughly for the support of gynecological problems, such as menstrual irregularity and hypermenorrhea. Clinical evidence and research shows that the ingredients in Chasteberry may support healthy estrogen metabolism, support healthy menstrual cycles, and maintain a healthy stress response and mood.



Disorders like anorexia may be related to estrogen imbalances, and for this and other serious conditions, you should be in a doctor’s care. Women are usually in tune with their bodies and can tell when something like their estrogen levels may be out of balance. For those times, in addition to eating right and getting some exercise, NuEthix may be just what you need to get back to feeling good again.


About Meredith:

Meredith Paci is an integrative nutrition and fitness coach. She was a Registered Dental Hygienist for over a decade. Her personal history with years of chronic dieting having disordered eating behaviors, battled with depression and anxiety, Adrenal adaptation & sex hormonal imbalances igniting her passion for more education and hoping to help others. After years of Ovarian struggle she was placed into surgically induced menopause igniting a whole new journey and opportunity with navigating the support she needed for her longevity and quality of life. It is through her clinical and personal experience that she needed to create more impact leaving her RDH career to further her education & reach helping others navigating their struggles and goals. She works to help her clients restore & Further level up their health & fitness while educating, supporting and, guiding them to create sustainable habits for the long term.

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