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      Blog — Cort-Eaze

      Metabolic Compensation: The Epidemic In Physique Sports

      Metabolic Compensation: The Epidemic In Physique Sports | NuEthix Formulations | Focused On Unifying Health and Performance Goals
      I can’t tell you how many athletes come to me to “fix them” these days.  It’s always the same story: we review bloodwork, certain markers and hormones are out of whack, and we conclude that they have metabolic compensation. Metabolic compensation, which we refer to as simply met comp, is defined as dysregulation and dysfunction of the key hormones that regulate metabolic functions.

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      Five Foods That Fight Cortisol

      Five Foods That Fight Cortisol | NuEthix Formulations Supplements | Focused On Unifying Health AND Performance Goals.

      One of the most common factors I routinely assess when working with a client, in addition to training, diet or cardio- is STRESS. In a chronically stressed client, with elevated levels of cortisol, the body is essentially working against you – holding onto bodyfat, limiting lean muscle growth and negatively impacting several other key systems of the body including digestion and nutrient absorption.

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