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      Blog — Stress-relief

      5 Reasons You're Exhausted and How To Fix It

      5 Reasons You're Exhausted and How To Fix It
      Chronic fatigue is incredibly detrimental to your physical well-being and has a profound negative impact on your mental health. While some people ignore this and self-diagnose this as just being an issue of not getting enough sleep the night prior, there can be serious underlying issues at the root.

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      Five Foods That Fight Cortisol

      Five Foods That Fight Cortisol | NuEthix Formulations Supplements | Focused On Unifying Health AND Performance Goals.

      One of the most common factors I routinely assess when working with a client, in addition to training, diet or cardio- is STRESS. In a chronically stressed client, with elevated levels of cortisol, the body is essentially working against you – holding onto bodyfat, limiting lean muscle growth and negatively impacting several other key systems of the body including digestion and nutrient absorption.

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